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    Who Are We?

    Since 1990, we at GirOrganic have been bringing to you completely organic products grown and manufactured at our certified organic farm spread over 500+ acres in Surat, Chotta Udaipur. The farming practices followed is completely organic which helps us to deliver you with 100% natural, unprocessed and unadulterated organic products.

Sustainable Farming Is The Way Ahead -

At GirOrganic, we believe in evolving with the changing times while sticking to our roots. Keeping hygiene and quality in mind, we use modern as well as traditional production technologies. The fodder as well as the yield at our farm is free of any chemical fertilizers.

We make sure we use cow dung and cow urine as natural fertilizers to grow the fodder & yield organically. Milk from healthy cows is procured through untouched milking technology and packed hygienically to provide you with the purest of A2 milk every day. We ensure that the calves receive 40-50% of their mother’s milk first, before collecting it.

Why GirOrganic?

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