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Sharbati Wheat Atta

Sharbati Wheat Atta

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  • Contains vitamin E which can help to prevent skin disease
  • Its low gluten content helps to maintain a healthy diet
  • Has a low glycemic index that helps to control blood sugar levels
  • Rich in high protein which helps to develop muscle strength
  • High in calcium and magnesium that helps to keep your bones healthy
  • Store in Cool and Dry place
Why Choose GirOrganic
Sharbati Wheat Atta Over Other Brands?
GIRORGANIC Chakki Atta Ordinary Atta
Grinded at lower rpm to maintain nutritional value Grinded at high rpm to get more yield
Retains high quality as it generates low heat during grinding process Heat generation leads to lower the quality of flour
High in vitamins, minerals & other essential nutrients. Provides very low nutrients or micronutrients
Low Glycemic Index helps to maintain blood sugar High Glycemic Index spikes blood sugar levels drastically


What Is Cold Pressed Flour?

Cold pressed flour is prepared using a method where gains are grinded using stones at lower rpm to avoid nutritional loss.

Is Sharbati Variety Of Wheat Non-GMO?

Yes, it’s 100% Non-GMO and grown using organic fertiliser.

What Is a Glycemic Index?

Glycemic index suggests how fast your blood sugar levels spike when you consume any food item. Foods that lower the spike in blood sugar level are considered as good food for diabetic patients.