It’s very hard for Indians to imagine their lives without milk. Milk is evidently a widely consumed health beverage across our nation and an integral part of our diet too. We’re always encouraged to drink a glass of milk daily from our childhood, as it is considered an effective cure for several ailments and a growth booster beverage.

But with advancements and the involvement of chemical processes, the quality of milk changed. Around 5000 years ago, cows were only known to produce A2 milk. The mutation started after their domestication & now they produce A1 milk, A2 milk or a combination of both.

Whereas A1 milk is known to have several benefits, it can’t defeat the vast benefits that A2 milk has to offer. Talking about benefits, let’s head towards how  A2 cow milk helps to build a stronger immunity!

Why do we need to boost our immunity?

We definitely need our bodies' defences to be as strong as possible. Immunity refers to the body's ability to prevent foreign disease-causing substances, such as bacteria and viruses. Our immune system protects our body against such infections and provides support. Hence, to survive and keep ourselves healthy, a strong and powerful immune system becomes necessary.

Gir Cow’s A2 Milk

A2 milk is produced by Desi Indian Gir Cows having hump and dewlap. There’s an ancient saying in the Vedic sciences that in the backbone of these cows, “Surya Ketu Nadi” flows which is responsible for the beneficial advantages of milk. This nerve absorbs the essential nutrients from the sun rays and transfers them to the milk, enabling us to lead a healthier lifestyle.

A2 milk as an immunity booster

There’s a protein called A2 Beta casein which is present in the A2 milk. This protein doubles the amount of GSH in our body. GSH is a disease-fighting antioxidant called Glutathione, which is responsible for building a strong immunity against foreign diseases.

Not just this, Gir Cow’s Milk contains proline-rich peptides which help to regulate the thymus gland. And the thymus gland is also an important part of the body’s immune system, helping us fight infections.

Other Benefits of A2 Cow Milk 

  1. It increases energy and stamina
  2. It is considered as a complete meal, accelerating the growth of kids
  3. It improves metabolism as it contains calcium, healthy fats & proteins
  4. It has antioxidant compounds which fight diseases
  5. It keeps the skin flawless and prevents skin-ageing

Gir Cow’s A2 Milk is a game-changer and has tons of advantages. Switch to A2 Milk and unlock a smooth transition towards a healthier lifestyle.

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