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Who We Are?

GirOrganic was founded in 1990 with the aim of introducing an organic lifestyle to the world. Started with mere 5-6 cows, today, we have more than 450 Gir Cows at our certified organic farm spread over 500+ acres in Surat, Chotta Udaipur. All our products are made by following organic farming and manufacturing practices ensuring no harm is provided to the environment and your health.

Gir Cows
Acres Organic Farm

Pure Love

Our Unconditional Love For Our Cows

The cows are fed with nutritionally rich fodder grown at our farm organically & are free of any supplements or medications. The calves have the first right to their mother’s milk. The cowshed is cleaned twice a day & has 24/7 medical support to tackle any emergency. The cowshed is cleaned twice a day and has water sprinklers installed to lower the heat effect in summers. We even treat our cows with music therapy as we play soulful classical music in the cowshed. Studies suggest music plays a vital role in enhancing the mental as well as physical health of the cows. We Love our cows more than anything in the world.

Our Strength

The People Who Make It Possible

We have experienced local farmers working with us right from the inception of GirOrganic. We have proud second as well as third-generation farmers happily working with us. GirOrganic has created numerous employment opportunities, especially for women in the surrounding areas. We have around 20 female employees proudly working with us and aim to generate more female employment. When you buy from GirOrganic, you don’t help a business grow but you also help a small farmer family grow and bring them happiness. 

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    The backbone of GirOrganic, Maganbhai was a born farmer. Maganbhai laid the foundation of GirOrganic by starting organic farming at a young age with the available handful of resources and family teachings of bringing to use traditional Indian methods.

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    Turning his passion into a profession, Nitin is a Dairy Technologist. His childhood love for animals at their farm left him with no doubt about becoming a Dairy Technologist and utilising his passion to bring to you the best of organic food & lifestyle.

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    Following his father's footsteps, Nilesh completed his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Growing up, Nilesh idolised his father. He decided to pursue Agricultural education and help achieve his father’s dream of making GirOrganic a medium to promote an organic lifestyle.

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    Chetan completed his Bachelors in Computer Science in the United States of America. Chetan returned to India to use his learnings to introduce & promote an organic way of life with the help of technology.

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Our Aim

May All Be Healthy
Our Products To Be Health Enriching
Excellence In Providing Organic Products
Spread Happiness In An Organic Way
To Be A Global Leader In Creating Healthy Environment