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Red Chilli Powder Stone Ground

Red Chilli Powder Stone Ground

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  • Provides essential nutrients such as vitamin C & vitamin A for skin & hair growth
  • Increases the secretion of gastric juices that help to improve digestion
  • Packed with anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce inflammation
  • High in potassium that helps to regulate blood pressure
  • Rich in iron which helps to improve cognitive functions
  • Contains capsaicin that reduces hunger and stimulates fat-burning

Journey of GirOrganic Red Chilli Powder

What makes our Stone Ground Red Chilli Powder so Special?

Naturally grown Red Chillies

Chillies are grown Naturally with the use of Cow Dung as a fertiliser. Red Chillies are hand picked by trained farmer.

Sun-dried red chillies

Red Chillies are sun-dried for 7-10 days to remove the moisture from it.

Stone grind to powder

Stone grind at lower RPM to retain freshness, aroma and nutrients.


Red chilli is packed hygienically in pouches for better shelf life.

Why Switch to GirOrganic Red Chilli Powder?

Stone Grind

No added preservative & colour

Organic farming practices

Empowering farmers


What is Stone Grind Method?

In ancient time there were no machinery to get a powder spices. So our ancestors use to grind whole turmeric after sun drying it using mortar and pestle. In this method spices are not heated during process and hence helps to retain more nutrients with pleasant aroma and flavour.

What is shelf life of stone ground spices?

Shelf life of stone ground spices will be 9 month, when stored in air tight container under ambient temperature.

How do you obtain spices powder?

We are on a mission to encourage more and more farmers to implement organic farming practices. As major concern of farmer is to sell products. So we collaborate with them by supplying organic manure and procuring the raw spices from them.