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Why is A2 Milk Easy to Digest?

Milk is regarded as a complete food because it is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins & more.
But what good is it if it gives you digestive issues?
Well, you would be surprised to know that a slightly different protein profile can make all the difference!

Cow’s milk has 2 variants namely A1 & A2 type protein. They differ by a single amino acid at the 67th position in the chain. A1 variant has the amino acid called histidine & the A2 variant has proline. These amino acids have the power to influence your digestive health & hence it is imperative to make the right choice.

Around 5000 years ago, cows were only known to produce A2 milk. The mutation started after their domestication & now they produce A1 milk, A2 milk or a combination of both.

Effect of A1 & A2 protein on our digestive system

The digestive enzymes inside our gut split the A1 protein and not the A2 one. After the split, A1 protein frees a compound that becomes very active within our body. It starts interacting with our gastrointestinal tract, internal organs & our brainstem. It is known to slow down gastrointestinal functions, owning to the difficulties caused during digestion. These symptoms may include inflammation, abdominal pain, and high stool consistency.

Whereas the proline amino acid in the case of A2 protein milk is easily digestible and is a relief for people with lactose intolerance. Not only this, people who consume A2 milk are known to have lower serum cholesterol & triglycerides. A2 milk also proves to be good for the heart, contains calcium and magnesium minerals that strengthen our bones.

Where to find the purest A2 milk?

A2 cow milk is majorly produced by the Gir Cows, a desi cow breed of India. This pure milk is considered to be healthier and better for human health and digestion. A2 is the original protein found in Cows since the beginning and we at Gir Organics understand its amazing nutritional benefits. Buy Gir Cow Milk from Gir Organics, which is a perfect dietary component that helps in keeping your gut happy & elevates the growth of an individual.

Desi Cows produce much less milk than foreign breed cows & therefore A1 milk is cheaper. But when it comes to the health & well being of you & your family, A2 milk is a worthy bet.

We also make A2 milk more healthy by feeding organic fodder to our cows & extracting the milk only when the calf is fed fully. This is done to provide a happy environment to our cows because only then, they will produce the purest of milk.

Finding a desi cow milk online can be a task but choose your dairy wisely with Gir Organics & buy the most beneficial A2 Cow Milk at www.girorganic.com

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