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Why Groundnut Oil is Good for Frying Food

Also known as peanuts, groundnuts are the edible seeds of a legume. Technically, groundnuts belong to the legume family, however, it is often included amongst the oilseeds because it has a high content of oil. In recent years, groundnut oil has observed a rising popularity in restaurants as well as at home. As a rule of thumb in the kitchen, it is anyway advisable to opt for fats that are liquid at room temperature (such as oils), as opposed to fats that are solid at room temperature (such as butter and shortenings).Oils are always a healthier alternative, and groundnut oil, in particular, comes bearing multiple other benefits as well.

To begin with, cold-pressed groundnut oil is high in monounsaturated fat, which is healthy for the heart. It is also said to reduce LDL or bad cholesterol levels. This, in turn, decreases the risk of heart diseases or the chances of getting a stroke.

However, before we delve into the benefits of frying the food in groundnut oil, it is essential to know the difference between refined groundnut oil and cold-pressed groundnut oil. 

The refined groundnut oil is produced using industrial methods, wherein the peanuts go through a high-pressure mechanical press that extracts oil from the nuts. Then, certain solvents like hexane are added to the leftover peanuts to extract the remaining oil. This makes the oil extremely unhealthy. On the other hand, cold-pressed groundnut oil, also known as Kachi Ghani groundnut oil, is produced using the traditional method of a wooden axis to ground the peanuts at low temperatures to extract oil. There is no extra refinement involved in this process. This retains the nutritional value, flavour and colour of the oil. It is always advisable to opt for Kachi Ghani groundnut oil over refined groundnut oil.

Here are some reasons why cold-pressed groundnut oil is good for frying food:

  1.  Groundnut oil contains plant compounds called phytosterols. These compounds block the absorption of cholesterol from food, reducing the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed by the blood.

  2.  Cold-pressed groundnut oil is an excellent source of Vitamin E, and this vitamin acts as an antioxidant in the body, which helps in building immunity and improving metabolism.

  3.  The temperature at which the oil begins breaking down, affecting its odour and flavour is called the smoking point. Fortunately, Kachi Ghani groundnut oil has a high smoking point, making it easier to fry any kind of food. 

  4. It is one of the healthiest oil alternatives since it has zero cholesterol. Cold-pressed groundnut oil also helps in maintaining the blood sugar level and reduces the risk of heart diseases. It also improves the health of the heart.

Kachi Ghani groundnut oil is power-packed with multiple nutrients and health benefits. It is one of the best oils that can be used for sauteeing, frying, or any other kind of cooking. To get prime quality cold-pressed groundnut oil, visit GirOrganic.

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