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What are the Benefits of Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

If you go to any Indian and mention ‘Kachi ghani groundnut oil’ to them, it will certainly bring a wide smile on their faces. This is because the authentic process of wood-pressed or kachi ghani is close to almost every Indian family.

The process of cold pressed groundnut oil goes back to as early as 5000 years ago. Historians have found the ruins of wooden oil pressing machines from the times of Indus Valley Civilization!

Back then, several seeds such as sesame, coconut, olives, peanuts, sunflower, mustard, etc. were crushed using the giant mortar and pestle to extract oil.

  • The Decline of Authentic Kachi Ghani Groundnut Oil.

Unfortunately, with the advancement of technology and the Industrial Revolution worldwide, industrialists discovered the use of high temperatures and chemical solvents to increase the amount of oil extracted from the seeds. This created an inconsistency in taste, quality and colour, along with the addition of chemicals to stabilise the oils and increase its shelf life. 

At GirOrganic, we intend to bring back the authenticity of oil extraction using kachi ghani/kolhu method, and thereby, we have resorted to natural methods of extraction and processing. We take pride in our groundnut oil, and here are some benefits as to why you should choose groundnut oil as your cold pressed cooking oil as well:

  • It is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants

As mentioned earlier, most industrial cold-pressed methods expose the groundnut seeds to high heat, which damages their antioxidant properties in minutes.

However, the cold-pressed groundnut oil made with the kachi Ghani method, like at GirOrganic, oil is processed at room temperature. This is why kachi Ghani groundnut oil is always brimming with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
Kachi Ghani groundnut oil is loaded with vitamin E, which neutralises free radicals, fatty acids that improve immunity, oleic acid and several other nutrients. Therefore, the benefits of groundnut oil are countless.

  • It improves the health of your heart

One of the best features of cold pressed groundnut oil is that it has zero cholesterol. This makes it a healthy fat. Its high level of HDL also reduces the risk of heart-related conditions. Moreover, it also contains natural, plant-based sterols which supports good health of the heart.

That is not all. The Phytosterols in cold-pressed groundnut oil are easy to be absorbed by the gut, which in turn reduces the cholesterol content in the stomach. Resveratrol, another element in the oil, keeps the arteries and veins under control. This regulates blood pressure levels, which is extremely beneficial in avoiding stress on the cardiovascular system.

  • It is a wonderful source to improve skin health

There are no doubts about the countless benefits of consuming cold pressed groundnut oil, but apart from that, one can also apply the oil on their skin to boost the health of their skin. 

Cold pressed groundnut oil has high levels of Vitamin E, which reduces the signs of ageing and reverses the skin conditions. It perfectly locks the moisture to keep the skin soft, and it also prevents the skin from becoming dry and rough.

  • It improves insulin sensitivity

Most people do not know this, but cold-pressed groundnut oil can regulate blood sugar levels. Since groundnut oil has high levels of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, the absorption of fat is slow. As a result, the body secretes more insulin. A combination of these two processes contributes to improving insulin sensitivity and blood sugar management.

  • It could possibly prevent the risk of cancer

Certain studies claim that cold-pressed groundnut oil helps in the prevention and recovery of cancer. However, there are no definite, direct results, the studies regarding this are still underway. It is said that the bioactive compounds and unsaturated fats in groundnut oil can help fight cancer.

There is also a connection between lowered risk of prostate, breast and colon cancer and beta-sitosterol and phytosterols. These plant-based compounds are considered to have anticancer properties which prevent tumour growth and carcinogen production. 

There’s groundnut oil, and then there’s GirOrganic Cold-Pressed Groundnut Oil. Always choose the second one. The groundnut oil at GirOrganic is made using the traditional Kachi Ghani method, free of any chemicals, preservatives or additives. It is safe to consume on a daily basis. If you would like to know more about GirOrganic Cold-pressed Groundnut Oil, simply visit our website www.girorganic.com .

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