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How is A2 Ghee a health potion for every kitchen?

Being a primary element for cooking in Indian households, Gir Cow Ghee plays a vital role in our diet. It is considered to be a superfood that delivers various health benefits to all age groups. According to Ayurveda, Gir Cow Bilona Ghee also possesses unique medicinal properties that can help us fight diseases and enhance our overall health.

A2 Gir Cow Ghee is the purest form of Desi Ghee and it is superior in terms of health benefits, flavour and digestive properties. Preparing this ghee from a traditional Bilona Method adds to its authenticity & texture. It contains more nutrients compared to regularly processed ghee and boosts the functions that keep our body healthy & fit.

Now, let’s go through all the essential benefits that Gir Cow Ghee has to offer:

Good for heart health: Choosing A2 Gir Cow Ghee over refined oils is a smart decision. A2 Ghee is known for lowering bad cholesterol thereby keeping our heart healthy.

Amazing source of energy: A2 Ghee helps in the growth and development of our body. It improves our bone density and contains elements that help us in faster recovery. Overall, it is considered to be a great source of energy.

Source of antioxidants & minerals: Gir Cow Bilona Ghee is one of the strongest natural antioxidants and also a rich source of vitamins. It helps in boosting immunity and lowering cholesterol with vitamins B2 and B3. It also contains Omega 3 and 9.

Source of good fat: Being full of nutrients, A2 Ghee provides our body with the essential good fats & carbohydrates which are important for sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Relieves acidity: If you face acidity regularly, Gir Cow Ghee perfectly works as an antacid for your body as it is an ‘Amal-Pitta’ pacifier.

Healing Properties: A2 Ghee is known to be a natural healer in Ayurveda. It can treat chronic medical conditions as well as physical and mental weaknesses.

Higher smoke point: There are no toxic fumes released while cooking with A2 Ghee at higher temperatures, unlike ordinary ghee or oils

Reduces Inflammation: Gir Cow Ghee contains anti-inflammatory properties as it is rich in conjugated linoleic acid.

Treats various health conditions: A2 Ghee also possesses properties of preventing and treating several health issues like gastric issues, heart blockage, bone health, stomach ailments, asthma and many more.

The list goes on but the important thing to note is that A2 Ghee can do wonders for your health. At Gir Organic, we package this goodness into our Gir Cow’s A2 Ghee and provide you with the purest A2 Ghee available in the market today. With 400+ acres of farm and 400+ Gir Cows, our products are made with authenticity, love and traditions.

Relish Gir Organic’s A2 Ghee and add the aroma of good health into your life.

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