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Difference between Ghee, Butter and Cooking Oils in Cooking

Since time immemorial, people have been cooking meals using different locally available ingredients and fats (plant based, animal based etc.) And over the years, this very same practice of cooking a simple meal has evolved as the fine art of regional cuisines. 

Today the culinary art has evolved so much that the meal ingredients, flavour profile and the appeal of any given preparation tastes different per 100 km, just like the local dialect. This often happens in spite of the cooking ingredients remaining the same. 

Regional and cultural differences are definitely there but a stark difference in the taste and health benefits in the meals comes from the fat medium in which it has been cooked. Which is basically the different oils, butter and ghee.

In a country like India, which is immensely driven by the Vedic culture, ghee has been an integral part of the everyday diet. In the scriptures the Vedic ghee benefits are said to be many.

Considered to be auspicious, healing and restorative in nature, the ‘shudh desi ghee stands out as an everyday essential.

Be it a sacrificial offering, in the yagna or in making the prashad and the meals offered to the Gods & saints, Ghee has been a basic ingredient of Indian aesthetics. Called as the ‘first and the most essential of all foods’ in the Vedas, Vedic ghee benefits are today cherished globally as a soul food. However due to the current multi cuisine culture in the current times, many kinds of cooking fats are used. 

Let us understand how each (oils, butter and Vedic ghee) stands different from the other & what is the contribution of the shudh desi ghee that mothers everywhere insist on feeding their children.

Cooking oils

Today one of the most popular cooking ingredients are the various kinds of cooking oils available in the market, namely groundnut, mustard, til, palm oil, olive oil etc. People of different regions use different kinds of oils for cooking. In India itself, if you look at the geography the western side prefers groundnut oil, the eastern side vouches for mustard oils and down south it's all about coconut or til oil. North Indians in that case are fonder of shudh desi ghee. Edible oils are definitely good for cooking. But it all depends on the way they have been produced. Wood pressed or cold pressed oils are definitely better than the refined version available in the market. Most of the refined oils have low smoke points which often leads to harmful fat composition on heating up which is harmful for the health. This very issue can lead to health issues such as high cholesterol, inflammation, bowel irritability, acid refluxes etc. in the long term. Many oils are laced with Heavy trans fats, free radicals, solvents, mono & di-glycerides, sterols etc. which on prolonged use cause a major damage to your wellbeing. 


When we say butter, we are not talking about the milk churned butter, there are also various other kinds of butter, such as plant based butter, margarine or the very familiar one ‘Dalda ghee’ scientifically known as hydrogenated vegetable oils.  The non-milk ones are heavily processed and made from GMO sources which increase the risk of heart disease and weight gain and the other health issues it heralds. The milk- churned butter is however better for your health and is high in vitamin D, beta-carotene and good fats. The only issue is that it’s very high in calories which could lead to weight gain. It also has casein and lactose which can cause digestive issues in people. 


The Vedic Ghee Benefits as stated earlier are hard to count in numbers. Be it the shudh desi ghee, a2 Gir cow ghee or the desi cow ghee you buy online are rich with many nutritional benefits and health advantages. As ghee is prepared by churning butter, it is a pure and healthy fat which has a high smoke point which makes it an ideal base for cooking and deep frying. Due to its processing, it does not contain lactose or casein, which may upset the gut health and in spite of being a dairy product it is suitable for lactose intolerant people. 

Apart from its aromatic flavour, ghee adds a large amount of nutrition to the preparation in which it is used. It is a good source of Vitamin A, D, E, K, omega- 3 etc. & is  rich in antioxidants, ghee not only keeps your gut healthy, with its anti-inflammatory benefits & CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) it also helps to keep your heart healthy and manage obesity related issues.

In the long run ghee helps in boosting your mental & physical well-being. This is one of the reasons that since ancient times it has been used for healing even in Ayurveda. Shudh Desi ghee manufactured by the Bilona method is one of the foundations of Satvik food preparations.

It's time to adopt this Ayurvedic elixir in your everyday preparation to provide better health to your loved ones. Use it as topical application to heal wounds or other ailments or include it in your everyday cooking, shudh desi ghee has immense health benefits in the long run.

Pure ghee is available at any organic store but if you want to buy desi cow ghee online, we assure you of high quality A2 Gir cow ghee, or shudh desi ghee, on GirOrganic. Our ghee is made in the most organic way from the milk of A2  grass fed cows and is produced in the most satvik way. To experience true vedic ghee benefits, get your pack of A2 Gir cow ghee today!

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