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A2 Ghee And Clarified Butter Are Not The Same!

It is believed that A2 Ghee and Clarified Butter are similar but in reality, they are not! If we compare both of these dairy products, we’ll find a delicate difference between the two. Cow Ghee and Clarified Butter can have various benefits on our health and we’ll learn more about the goodness of these products in this blog.

Before we dig deeper into the disparities, let’s first discuss the similarities!A2 Ghee and Clarified Butter both:

  1. Are an excellent alternative to regular butter or regular cooking oil
  2. Are suitable for cooking at higher temperatures
  3. Help in the enhancement of immunity
  4. Contain fatty acids and saturated fats
  5. Are lactose-free and casein-free
  6. Are cooked from milk fat

    What is Clarified Butter?

    Clarified butter is pure butterfat which looks golden yellow. Basically, it is a butter with water & milk proteins removed. It is usually creamy in texture and releases a nutty aroma. It is made by simmering unsalted butter in a pan over low heat. After the water evaporates, the bottom of the pan will contain clumps of white milk solids. This content is then strained through a mesh strainer and after the solids get trapped in the strainer, we get Clarified Butter.

    What is A2 Ghee?

    Ghee is a type of Clarified Butter. The whole process remains the same while making Cow Ghee but instead of removing the butter from the heat once the milk solids separate, it is left to cook a little while longer. When the proteins turn golden brown and start giving off a nutty aroma, it is strained and stored.

    Differences between A2 Ghee And Clarified Butter

    Clarified Butter and Cow Ghee are closely related and share a lot of similarities but it is time to look at the differences.

    1. Cooking time : The time to cook A2 Ghee is longer than that of Clarified Butter. In the former, milk solids are browned and all the moisture is removed, which doesn’t happen while cooking Clarified Butter.

    2. Taste : Due to a longer cooking time, A2 Gir Cow Ghee tastes nuttier and gives an amazing aroma.

    3. Shelf life : Clarified Butter needs to be refrigerated due to its shorter shelf life while A2 Ghee can stay at room temperature easily.

    4. Versatility : When it comes to being health-friendly, A2 Cow Ghee and Clarified Butter both are good options. Clarified Butter has its specialities, it works best while sauteing dishes and making sauces while A2 Ghee is more versatile. A2 Ghee can be used regularly in the kitchen, it provides various medicinal properties and is also used in traditional rituals.
    A2 Ghee & Clarified Butter almost have the same properties with just a delicate difference. They both are the best in terms of keeping health in check and boosting immunity. A2 Ghee is the purest form of Ghee made from the traditional Bilona Method. The Gir Cow Bilona Ghee is more versatile and is an important part of the Indian household.

    At Gir Organic, we assure to improve your health with the nutritional benefits of A2 Ghee and transform your life. Buy pure desi cow ghee online only at girorganic.com
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