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Why is Cow Ghee the Intelligent Choice?

One of the most essential ingredients in Indian cuisine, most food items are incomplete without a generous dollop of ghee. This does not come as a surprise, for ghee holds immense importance in every Indian household. This is also why India is one of the largest producers of ghee in the world. 

A healthy fat, ghee is an important food that should be consumed to prevent brain disorders, improve memory and motor skills, maintain hormonal balance and regenerate damaged cells. No wonder why ghee is known as nectar for the brain. 

In western countries, ghee is known as clarified butter. Often, people avoid consuming clarified butter because they are either under the misconception that it is harmful to the body as it increases the fat content, or because people think that clarified butter cannot be consumed by those suffering from lactose intolerance. This blog aims to clear such misconceptions based on facts and reality. 

What truly decides the nutritional content and health factor of ghee is its process. Most commercial brands make ghee by heating the cream, evaporating the water and removing the residue. This kind of ghee is certainly not very healthy in consumption. It increases fat in the body and has a lower nutritional value.

On the other hand, there are certain brands such as GirOrganic, that make pure and original Gir cow ghee using authentic ingredients and traditional methods such as Vedic Bilona Method to produce ghee. To make a batch of A2 Pure Ghee, A2 milk from desi Gir Cows is boiled and A2 curd is mixed. The makkhan is then churned using the 5000-year old Bilona method and the makkhan is separated from the buttermilk. This separated makkhan is then heated to obtain pure A2 ghee. This process may be long, but it produces the best quality ghee which is extremely healthy to consume.

The difference between Gir cow ghee and regular ghee is the milk from which it is made. The original Gir cow ghee is made from A2 milk obtained from desi cows such as Gir cows. This is much more healthy and nutritious as opposed to ghee made from regular HF or Jersey cows that produce A1 milk. If you are thinking about opting for ghee, then always go for Gir cow ghee over any other type of ghee.  

The original Gir cow ghee has been praised in the Ayurvedic texts for centuries. It has countless benefits that we cannot even begin describing. It neutralizes the stomach acid before the food goes to the small intestine, and it also heals any stomach inflammations caused due to the acidic properties of the stomach. Ghee also helps in raising the HDL levels, thereby ensuring that your cardiovascular system functions properly. Moreover, Gir cow ghee is full of all the good important fatty acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6 as well as a significant amount of vitamins A, D, E and K.

Ghee also acts as a natural moisturiser for the skin. Certain people use it as hair oil as well. A2 Pure Ghee also reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. It helps heal the wounds faster along with improving the metabolism and preventing insulin resistance.

Therefore, if you are thinking about switching your ghee brand or simply shifting to more consumption of ghee, then you need to choose the original Gir cow ghee only because that is the only intelligent choice! 

Now you can buy original Gir cow ghee from GirOrganic. GirOrganic is one of the best brands for Gir cow ghee and cold-pressed groundnut oil. What’s more? If you are residing in Surat, then you can also buy Gir cow milk from them! For more information, simply visit their website.

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